We know optimal patient outcomes result directly from healthy, empowered medical personnel so We’re Here For Your Health to guarantee both.

Our diverse team of doctors, nurses, clinicians and administrative staff are equipped to ensure patients receive the finest care in their local neighborhoods. Our clinicians are recruited from communities sharing multiple perspectives, and we show our expertise in offering equal, inclusive, affordable access to acute urgent care, with empathetic, convenient scheduling for surgical procedures.

Our physicians are business partners, so they have a vested interest in evaluating best practices. Our mission is to stay on the forefront of new integrated technologies in both the diagnosis and treatment of multiple medical conditions. Access to high-definition imaging, cardiac catheterization, diagnostic labs, minimally invasive surgical procedures, to competitive pricing on medications, innovative scheduling, and customized caregiving, results in healthier outcomes, shorter patient stays and less exposure to infection. By managing patient billing, we will always advocate for equity and reasonable payments by healthcare insurers, and through volume purchases of medical supplies, we will reduce costs.

As new technologies and medications become available, we will pivot and adapt to continue improving our best practices because WE’RE HERE FOR YOUR HEALTH

If your medical emergency is a major traumatic event: a heart attack, stroke, or you require major surgery, please call 911, or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room.