There is nothing more important than your health and well-being, especially in today’s world. At Healthcare Solutions, we know that high-quality care, the most advanced technology, and the level of accessibility are all crucial components of the patient experience. Our unique healthcare model is focused on bridging the gap in inadequately served communities of the southern and mid-western states.

Healthcare Solutions Holding Inc. is a publicly listed company trading under the ticker VRTY. Healthcare Solutions Holdings, Inc. is a medical service and device company based in New York working with physicians and physician groups in more than 20 states.

The vision of Healthcare Solutions Holdings is to build an integrated healthcare company which can provide services for a patient over their lifetime. Our expectation is the company will operate multiple divisions, which will provide multiple services for patients. These services may include internal medicine, urgent care, comprehensive care, ambulatory surgery, outpatient surgery, imaging, diagnostic, laboratory, and pharmacy services. All HSH facilities are new and will be rolled out over the next few years with key locations being selected in under-served communities. We want to impact the communities we serve and provide access and care for all.